UX has been a trendy concept for about 30 years now, and yet, as UX professionals we are still faced with lots of misconceptions over what we’re meant to do or what value we really provide.

It’s easy to blame it on ignorance or lack of awareness. The reality is, though, that the overabundance of literature, blogs, videos, bootcamps and so on, has created a perfect environment for confusion (as well as showcasing the passion and discipline UX practitioners boast). For instance, try to read a couple of articles called ‘What’s the difference between UX Design and Product Design?’ and you’ll probably find several ambiguous and often contradictory definitions that over-complicate what should be a simple yet important idea.

At the end of the day, UX is a big and broad umbrella that conveys several more specific disciplines, some UX-specific (user research, architecture, interaction, visual design) but also the necessary synergy with disciplines such as engineering, business and product. When these are put together in harmony, UX accomplishes what it’s meant to do: put the user at the center in order to design successful products and/or services with minimum risk.

It’s often necessary then to have an army of empathetic UX professionals that are able to understand said end-users and anticipate their needs through awesome looking design solutions.

Here at Bynder we’re believers of putting our users at the center, and even though we don’t have an army yet, our talented group of UX and Product Designers do their best to collaborate with our beloved Engineers and Product Managers in order to bring valuable and innovative features and products to our customers.

This little content hub was created with them in mind. Those UX practitioners in Bynder who dedicate most of their time and energy understanding and thinking about others. It feels like a good deal for others to understand how they think, how they feel and how they go about everyday problems (design-related or otherwise). A place to elevate our design community while elevating those who read this very real experiences, struggles and dreams.

So without further ado, welcome to Bynder UX and Product Design, but more importantly, allow me to introduce the peeps that make it possible:

Bynder ux product design team Bynder’s UX and Product Design team (as of July 2022, we’re still growing fast!)

We’re planning to release content every week, hope you like it and looking forward to hear from you!

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