My slightly older, only, Brother died this year, and I realize I've not quite forgiven him for it. I only share this awkwardly personal detail to voice my anger and sadness at how preventable this tragedy was. 

November, in the U.S particularly, but gaining traction Globally, is National Men's Health Awareness Month. The goal is to raise awareness and help shed the stigmas that often accompany the crucial tests that can help save a Man, life, as he approaches middle age and increased risk to a number of health issues, namely cancer. 

One popular method is to forgo shaving for the entire month. Another, is to grow, or attempt to grow, a mustache. The idea being that co-workers or Friends might ask you about the new, misaligned, 70's porn 'stash your lip is sprouting, and you can respond with -I'm so glad you asked...let me tell you about the need for you to be sure to get all your tests and check-ups!..."

I wish my own Brother had either been more aware, or less intimidated of the somewhat invasive tests needed to detect, diagnose, and treat, early stage cancers in Men.

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But you know what...Man up, Bro.

Women have had to be subjected to much more personal, regular testing, and for much longer than we are, so I'm not especially sympathetic to your anxieties about an awkward few minutes, that very well could save your life. 

I'm still mad at my Brother Mark, I miss him dearly. I'm also a little mad at me, and you, for stalling, procrastinating, or making every excuse to avoid these very critical life saving measures. From the day my Brother called me with the terrible news, he was gone in three weeks. I know that he would have gladly suffered any manner of slight embarrassrnent, in place of the fear and loneliness I saw in his eyes that day. 

Your little Brother, Sister, and Family need you, and will thank you for it. Get your tests.

To learn more about prostate testing check out: 

Grow that silly little mustache. Tell your Friends. It may save yours, and their lives. To learn more about Movember check out:

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