Bynder will implement four-day workweeks for summer 2022, beginning July 1. The four-day workweek will provide Bynder’s 450+ global employees with the flexibility to better prioritize their workdays and spend more time on their mental, physical and emotional well-being.

The rapid shift to remote work in the last two years has led to the four-day workweek gaining traction across the world. Research supports the shift – 78% of employees with a four-day workweek said they were happier and less stressed out. From being the first Dutch employer to implement unlimited paid time off to establishing a post-pandemic hybrid work model, Bynder consistently looks for new ways to enhance its employee experience while maintaining its focus on high customer satisfaction and business performance.

Trust is part of Bynder’s DNA, and it’s a foundation for strong employee relationships. We believe giving our employees the flexibility to work less hours, whilst trusting them to prioritize, will result in a more motivated, productive workforce. This creates a highly collaborative and engaged working environment. The four-day workweek allows us to further exercise this trust and show our willingness to take bold steps to create the best possible company culture. If we take great care of our people, they will take great care of our customers.
Bob Hickey
Chief Executive Officer at Bynder

In addition to the shortened workweek, Bynder is providing employees with training and resources on productivity and time management to maintain high performance during the transition to fewer working days. Customer Service teams at Bynder will structure schedules so that constant support of the caliber that they’re used to continues to be available, while still providing every team member with a four-day week.

Our employees are people with full lives outside of the job, and Bynder values the quality of their work rather than the number of hours they’re online. Part of growing a company for success in the long term is prioritizing an environment where your employees can maintain a healthy work-life balance. A four-day workweek means we’re working fewer, but more meaningful hours, and we’re anticipating it will be a great success.
Ruben Vermaak
Head of learning and development at Bynder