We all love working at Bynder! But what is it exactly that makes people come to the office with a smile on their face every day?

1. The Byndies

The people—Byndies, as we call them—are one of the biggest contributing factors as to why we all love coming to work in the morning. The Bynder family currently has over 250 members, with no less than 33 different nationalities, and we're always welcoming new members to the family.

That means a lot of BynderLove! Not only do we all work hard together, but we also like to have fun together. Think Friday afternoon drinks, costumed parties, and pub crawls in Amsterdam. We even have our own beers (the famous Beinekens).

2. #HWR

Our company culture is extremely important to us. To keep the vibes as awesome as they are, we live by certain principles. #HWR or How We Roll is a sum-up of these values. Because we care about the wellbeing of all Byndies, we have free lunch every day, weekly massages, the best equipment, amazing offices in the heart of all our city locations, and plenty of time for relaxation. But we also value interpersonal relationships; we treat each other with respect, and together we work towards the best possible results. See a teaser of How We Roll below...

3. Innovation is key

Bynder has been fortunate enough to witness explosive growth in the few short years we've been around, and this is largely because of the innovation that lies at the heart of everything we do. We want to be pioneers of the industry, and our Byndies share the same can-do attitude that has lead to us being one of the leading companies in the DAM world.

We continuously keep developing our product and ourselves, and we strive to create cutting-edge technology with the customer's needs always in mind. Our mission is to be the one tool that branding and marketing departments can’t live without.

4. Unlimited holidays

No, that's not a typo, we really mean unlimited holidays! Bynder made headline news for being the first Dutch company to implement this amazing holiday policy, following global enterprises like Netflix, Prezi, and HubSpot. Why? Our CEO Chris Hall explains it all:

Providing unlimited vacation time reflects the value we have for our employees. No matter where they are in the world, we believe in giving our people more freedom when it comes to a better work-life balance
[Press release]

5. It’s all about YOU

Bynder is a great environment for both personal and professional growth. Everything we do is done in-house, providing every Byndie plenty of opportunity to make an actual impact on the company. Working at Bynder means having the freedom and responsibility to shape and expand your role. You learn by doing, testing, trialing, failing, succeeding, and doing it all over again.

We could give many more reasons as to why you need to work for Bynder, but why don’t you find out yourself? Check our jobs page and apply now!

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