Facial hair; a blessing for men, a plague for women.

From a historical point of view, facial hair and the mustache—in particular—has fulfilled an iconic role in fashion, theater and above all, world politics. What should have been a quiet beer in town turned into an organization that has grown 485.720 mustaches and raised a staggering €56,9 million to improve men’s health and fund research into alternate treatment methods for prostate cancer. Yes, Movember is about much more than finding out if you can get away with a Freddie Mercury.

The upper lips at the Bynder HQ are getting darker with an average of 0.4mm a day, so we asked a few Byndies on how they feel about mustaches.

My mustache is a great distraction for my crossed-eyes. I feel way more confident when I go out.
Do I really look like a hipster or do I just look like a truck driver in my late 40s?
Wannabe Hipster
I love Movember. The stache does not just make me more handsome; it also increases my wood-chopping capabilities
I love Movember! Usually, I'd take part properly, but I had to shave my mustache for a client meeting. Just joking; Bynder would never let me meet a client.
Employee of the month

I believe I can speak for most men when I say that the mustache has literally grown from a boy's dream into a man's nightmare. I can nostalgically recount fiercely scrubbing my father's shaving brush to build up those suds before sliding the blade down my cheeks with the grace of a professional figure skater so that I never had to endure the peachfuzz shadow mustache made famous by teens all over the world. Adolescents, I feel your struggle! The patchy facial hair, and overactive glands will level out, I promise you.

Now, after you've surpassed the awkward teen stage and invested a lot of effort in creating a Tom Selleck-esque masterpiece, you're faced with the realization you look more like a washed up country singer with a criminal record than Magnum, P.I. Thank heavens that this mustache can now repay its debts by creating awareness for men’s health. I’m calling on you, the mustached and the unmustached men and women to grow or donate now.

And if you do, I will promise you will never have to see this scary picture again.


The Movember Foundation describes their definition of success as:

Funding breakthrough solutions that produce tangible improvements in the lives of those dealing with prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and suicide prevention. We want to give more life to our fathers and sons.